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Good Jobs Fellows

Good Jobs Fellowship


The Good Jobs Fellowship is a job training program for young people to get practical, hands-on experience running a business in the Arts. Black & Tan Hall fosters a space that serves as a model for young people to learn and grow.

The Good Jobs Fellowship stewards a cohort of youth, centering Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQIA communities who learn and work alongside Black & Tan Hall partners to operate our cultural programming. The Good Jobs Fellowship program places a value on personal expression and identity while honing skills for future jobs in our local community.

​The 2020 Good Job Fellows are developing and implementing comprehensive marketing and branding strategies aimed to create new virtual experiences on our website. Our current cohort is focused on rooting Black & Tan Hall marketing in community-centric approaches to spreading awareness, including creating an online store with merchandise that will encompass and be reflective of community values. This is one way the Good Job Fellows are striving to learn new ways of building equity through entrepreneurship and a sense of belonging within the community.​


Meet our 2019/2020 cohort of Good Job Fellows!


Asha Noble is an outgoing writer, musician, and traveler. She recently graduated from Seattle Central College with her Associates in Arts with an Emphasis in Global Studies and Communication. She is currently applying to University of Washington Tacoma for her Bachelors in Arts Media and Culture (wish her luck!). When she is not in school she is enriching youth in the community by teaching symphonic music as a Teaching Artist with Seattle Music Partners.


Allison Masangkay (#DJPhenohype) is a sick and disabled queer Filipinx femme artist, scholar, and social justice advocate. Her work is influenced by and dedicated to her childhood in northern New Jersey, survival in Sequim, Washington, ancestral memory, and diaspora feels. As a DJ, their sets include a range of genres—especially Jersey club, soul, hip hop, and house.


Tiffani Jones is a social injustice poet. She has just graduated high school and is on her way to becoming a Public Speaking teacher. Tiffani has poems published on the South Seattle Emerald's online newspaper and books. She is hoping to help give the future a voice to be heard in changing the world.


Jinji Amen is a fine, young, expressive, vibrant, fun and enthusiastic free spirit who is always up for a challenge. She is a chef and a model that strives to inspire others and uplift the spirit of the world through body positivity, movement, self love, and nutrition.


Johnae Beckem is an outgoing and hardworking educator, dancer, and model. She is looking to change the world with a career interest in marking and education along with a social justice interest in the liberation of black people. She is currently in pursuit of a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and is hoping to transfer to Howard University.


Christina Chan is an artist who creates visual storytelling within the community. She recently graduated from the University of Washington and is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Food Lifeline. She owns a jewelry business, Dyme Designs, that is influenced by her Chinese cultural roots.

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