Our Mission

Black & Tan Hall is a values-driven cultural hub sustaining a thriving and equitable economy through arts and cultural programming in Hillman City, Seattle

Our Vision

A hyper-local economy that respects and elevates diverse cultures, is built by and for people rooted in community, feeds the arts, & sustains good jobs


Our Values in Action

We foster a diverse, nourishing and accountable culture

We preserve and share the history of place, people and prosperity within the 98118 and SE Seattle

We nourish the body and spirit with good quality and culturally reflective food

We support and elevate arts that give voice, agency and power to those too often ignored, especially Black, Brown and Native communities, women, LGBTQIA folks and young people

We build a supportive and collaborative business partnership that views partnership as kinship 

We have compassionate and honest conversations about racism, sexism, ableism, ageism and gentrification; because we know to build a new type of community and economy, we have to confront bias and strive for equity 

We create a path to co-owning and stewarding a business that sustains good jobs, is built on an anti-gentrification model, and does not require capital to join the partnership 


Our Model

An Alternative Economy: An anti-gentrification model that combats displacement, keeps dollars hyper local, and sustains good jobs 

A Group of Partners: A cooperative investment business, made up of neighbors in community, who contribute dollars, talent and time to the vision; dollars aren’t a barrier to entry 

Food Justice: Building a culture of good food, made with quality ingredients, that tells the story of the breadth of cultures within Rainier Valley 

A Cultural Hub: A hub for celebration, reflection and creation; through workshops, social change events, cultural events and arts / performance programming

An Arts Collective: A place to experience art, history and culture, especially performative arts


Our Report to the Community:

Flip through for stories about who we are, what we do, and how we put our values into action. 

This work was made possible through the hard work of our partners, the Equitable Development Initiative,

the Office of Arts & Culture, and 4Culture.

Link to fullscreen version. 


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