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Celebrating AAPI-Owned Businesses

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This year as the pandemic continues to impact our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities it’s even more important to continue to show love to our AAPI-owned businesses.

Seattle's Chinatown Gate in Seattle's neighborhood of Chinatown-International District.

In honor of AAPI month, I supported local businesses in Chinatown-International District. Here’s a list of the places I supported!

Alice’s Floral Design

Alice’s Floral Designs is located right across from Hing Hay Park. I got several irises, mums, and lilies. They definitely lit up my living room and they smelled great!

Gan Bei

Before the pandemic, I often visited Gan Bei because it's a great hang out spot. I bought the black pepper beef dish and Thai chili wings. Their drinks are refreshing and they often try different things with their menus!

Ho Ho Seafood Restaurant

Ho Ho’s chicken wings are always delicious. This time around, I got the beef pan fried vermicelli, lemon chicken, and fried tofu dish. I also really love their honey lemon tea and it's a drink that I order each time.

Uwajimaya & Kinokuniya Bookstore

I enjoy walking through Seattle’s Uwajimaya and seeing the variety of local foods and products that are available. I love how Uwajimaya carries food from other local businesses. I purchased Hood Famous' Vietnamese coffee cheesecake and a desert from Cakes of Paradise. Kinokuniya Bookstore is located inside Uwajimaya and I purchased several Asian art design books and a few washi tapes.


Sairen is located in Japantown. As described in their website bio, “Sairen is a modern and creative shop filled with an eclectic mix of Japanese, Hawaii, and Seattle made goods. Their mission is to highlight and support a growing movement of independent Asian-American, POC and local designers.” I bought washi tape, bento box wrap and a pair of earrings.

Young Tea

Young Tea is one of my favorite bubble tea shops to go to. I love the fresh ingredients and customer service is always wonderful. This time, I ordered the mango oolong tea with grass jelly.

It's my goal this year to expand my horizons and try out many more AAPI-owned businesses! If you’re looking to support more AAPI-owned businesses, you can check out Intentionalist and their ongoing list of engagement and ways to show up for our community.


Christina Chan is a local artist and entrepreneur residing in South Seattle. She joined Black & Tan Hall as a Good Jobs Fellow and is working on creating platforms and space to share cultural stories.


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