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  • Editing Site
    Select Premium plan -> Select & Edit Site -> Select "Edit Site" Tips: 1) After every edit, please check "mobile version." Every edit can significantly change what the site looks like on the "Mobile version"
  • Troubleshooting Instagram Feed
    Consistently check the website. Sometimes the Instagram Feed will have connectivity issues. On the back end it will say something along the lines of "Instagram is having trouble connecting." The images will not load properly for all different type of browsers and mobile versus desktop. Below is a temporary fix. The temporary fix does not have to be used, but any time that we are directing people to the website after any implementation of external communication that goes out such as an email/press release, social media shoutout, we will want to ensure that this app is fully connected. Temporary fix Delete the app and then add in images, one picture for each Instagram post. Place it in a straight line on the homepage. Each image should be linked to the specific post on Instagram. Screenshot of how it can look is below. I've added the Instagram feed below. This is in real time. Once the app is deleted on homepage, please check this site here to see when the app is back up. You will know that the app is back on once Instagram images are back up.
  • Printify Online Store
    Setting up shipping settings here for Printify can be found here:
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